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What’s Vacuum Cooling? Step 1.Vaporizing moisture from inside the product. Step 2.Takes away energy in the form of heat from fresh produces. Step 3.Make the surface and core of the product reach exact the same temperature after vacuum cooling.

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ALLCOLD Vacuum Cooling Advantages?

1. Ultra-Fast cooling method around 20mins/cycle.

2. Longer shelf-life by 2-3times.

3. Energy saving more than 40%.

4. Minimum the ruin of produces.

Why use Vacuum Cooling?

Once harvested, all fresh gets into stress. This stress results in respiration (breathing) and transpiration (sweating) which mainly triggered by temperature.

Your vegetables&herbs both respiration & transpiration can be reduced much with our vacuum coolers by 75% or more.

Optimal quality preservation and maximal shelf life & storage/travel time.

Lower workload for your cold room resulting in less temperature fluctuations

Added value towards (export) customers, thanks to higher & more constant quality.

Less waste, reject and claims; saving money, maximizing your reputation

Lower overall energy costs, as vacuum cooling is the most energy efficient cooling operation

Why chose allcold?

1. 10 Service bases all over the world.

2. Two Branch Factories in USA and Mexico.

3. ALLCOLD is the biggest manufacturer world wide-total 16,000m2 .

4. Approved partner of vacuum cooler By Agriculture Ministry of France.

5. Members of Purdue University's Food Preservation & vacuum technology R&D.

6. Director Member of China Vacuum Cooling & Fresh-keeping Professional Committee.

7. Guangdong Provine Enterprise of observing contract&valued credit.

8. More than 12 core technology patents in Vacuum Cooling Solutions and designs. 

Bakery vacuum Cooler Main Components

1. Vacuum chamber--To load your food made by stainless steel.

2. Vacuum system--To takes away the air in vacuum chamber, then cool the food down.

3. Refrigeration system--To catch the water vapor in this chamber so as to ensure the continuous cooling process.

4. Control system---To control and show the working condition of the vacuum cooler.

Bakery Vacuum Cooler Main Application field

1. Cooked food:cooked vegetables,mushroom,meat,pork,beef,fish,shrimp etc.

2. Baked food:Moon cake, cake,bread etc.

3. Fried food: fried rice, fried ball,spring roll etc.

4. Steam food:Steam rice,noodles,dumplings,sushi,conserve,steam bun etc.

5. Stuffing food:rice dumpling,stuffing prepared food,moon cake food etc.


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