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1. Green Cooling: Energy saving &Optimal cooling efficiency

2. Radily Cooling: From 30°C to 3°C  in 20-30 Minutes

3. Extend Shelf Life: Stay freshness and Nutrition Longer

4.  Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

5. Easy Operation Design: Automatic Control work with touch screen

6. Reliable Parts: Busch/Leybold/Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer/Danfoss/Johnson/Schneider/LS 



1. Minimized production losses

2. Improved economic of harvest operations

3. Minimized losses during marketing

4. Improved utilization by consumer

5. Expanded market opportunities

Vacuum Cooler Main Application field

a. Vegetables–All kinds of leaf vegetables, tight vegetables,Broccoli,Mushrooms,Sweet corn etc.

b. Flowers–All kinds of cut fresh flowers

c. Fruits–Berries,Cherries,graps, strawberry,tomato etc.

d. Grass—All kinds of grass using for lawn

How to Chose Vacuum Cooler Models?

1. Capacity Ranges: 300kgs/Cycle to 30tons/cycle,means 1pallet/cycle upto 24pallets/cycle

2. Vacuum Chamber Room:1500mm width,depth from 1500mm upto12000mm,height from 1500mm to 3500mm.

3. Vacuum Pumps: Leybold/Busch,pumping speed from 200m3/h upto 2000m3/h.

4. Cooling system:Bitzer Piston/Screw working with gas or Glycol Cooling.

5. Door types:Horizontal Sliding Door/Hydraulic Upwards Open/Hydraulic Vertical Lifing


Why Chose Allcold?

1. 10 Service bases all over the world.
2. Two Branch Factories in USA and Mexico.
3. ALLCOLD is the biggest manufacturer world wide-total 16,000m2 .
4. Approved partner of vacuum cooler By Agriculture Ministry of France.
5. Members of Purdue University’s Food Preservation & vacuum technology R&D.
6. Director Member of China Vacuum Cooling & Fresh-keeping Professional Committee.
7. Guangdong Provine Enterprise of observing contract&valued credit.
8. More than 12 core technology patents in Vacuum Cooling Solutions and designs. 

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