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Short Description:

Vacuum Cooler is a rapid evaporation cooling technology. It reduces the chamber’s pressure through vacuum pumping so that the boiling point of the water in the products is lowered to have the water vaporized to absorb the products themselves’ heat,then to lower the products’
temperature rapidly. There are a lot of advantages over the traditional natural cooling and cooling in the refrigeration house.

Product Detail

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Rapid cooling speed, It only takes around 30 minutes to cool from 100℃ to lower than 10℃. Uniform cooling temperature in the center and surface of the food. No special requirements on the size,appearance and stack mode of the products NO”second pollution ” for the cooling in a fully-isolated stainless steel chamber. Quickly getting across the temperature range of 25-50℃

which is very suitable for the breed of bacteria. 

AllCOLD vacuum coolers now are widely used in the cooling of cooked food industry such as the cooling of meats,poultry,rice and bean made products,vegetable,bread,cake etc. We have 2 series of vacuum coolers to meet different requirements. Normal temperature series to cool food to around 25℃~30℃, the low temperature series to the final temperature could be lower than 10℃.

ALLCOLD Features:

1. Special PCM technology is adopted in the cold trap, to greatly improve the water catching capacity against the destroy to the refrigerator and vacuum system from the splash of mass vapor of cooked food.

2. Weldless stainless steel tube structure is adopted in the cold trap to improve the reliability key parts are famous international brands. 

3. Special vacuum pressure control technology to solve the splashing trouble in the cooling of liquid products with advanced PLC and touch screen system, Symbol shows the operation and run status,clear and convenient.

4 Hierarchical operation and cryptoguard is adopted in the equipment operation : 

Operation worker: only to mechanic keystroke (on/off)

Production technician : only for the setting of processing parameters.

Engineer: for equipment debugging,maintenance and fault diagnosis.

5. Automatic and manual operation system, run and operation of the machine is more flexibleand reliable.

6. The material of Wacuum chamer is SUS304 stainless steel, designed according to GMP requirements. 

Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications:


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