Cooked foods Vacuum Cooler

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Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Brief Description
The technology is based on the phenomenon that water starts boiling at lower temperature as the pressure decreases. In the vacuum cooler the pressure is reduced to a level where water starts boiling.The boiling process takes away heat from the food. As an effect, food can be cooled down through reduced the pressure in the vacuum chamber.
In this way, cooked food can be cooled down from high temperature to about 10℃ within 20~30min, the baked food can be cooled down from high temperature to 20℃ to suitable packaged within 10-20min.

Product Detail

 Cooked Food Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications: 


Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Main Feature

1.Fast cooling speed. Cooked food cooled down to 10℃ only need 20-30,baked food cooled down to 20℃within in 10-20min.

2.Cooling uniform.Under the vacuum condition, food cooled from core to surface.

3.Two-stage cooling to reduce food water loss. From high temperature to 60℃,food will be rapid cooled to avoid the bacteria fast growth, the second storage will slow cooling to reduce vapor loss, and improvement food flavor.

4.Machine made by stainless steel, suitable food sanitary standard and machine has beautiful appearance.

5.High efficiency and energy-saving.Two-stage cooling and particular water ring pump to reduce running costs.6.One button operation and troubleshooting auxiliary system.


Read Food Vacuum Cooler Main Components

1. Vacuum chamber--To load your food made by stainless steel.

2. Vacuum system--To takes away the air in vacuum chamber, then cool the food down.

3. Refrigeration system--To catch the water vapor in this chamber so as to ensure the continuous cooling process.

4.Control system---To control and show the working condition of the vacuum cooler.


Read Food Vacuum Cooler Main Application field

1.Cooked food:cooked vegetables,mushroom,meat,pork,beef,fish,shrimp etc.

2.Baked food:Moon cake, cake,bread etc.

3.Fried food: fried rice, fried ball,spring roll etc.

4.Steam food:Steam rice,noodles,dumplings,sushi,conserve,steam bun etc.

5.Stuffing food:rice dumpling,stuffing prepared food,moon cake food etc.

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Talior Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Options

1.Condensor Options:a. Air cooling  condensor     b.Water cooling condensor

2.Door Options: a. Standard swing door     b.Horizontal Sliding Door

3.Machine units customized:  a. Integrated machine     b.Divided body machine

4.Refrigerant Options:  a.R404a  b.R407c


Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Operation On customer's Site 


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