Turfs Vacuum Cooler

Short Description:

Description of Vacuum cooler
Vacuum cooling is an ideal way to cool specific turfs, works by rapid evaporation of water from certain turfs under very low atmospheric pressures inside a vacuum chamber. Energy in the form of heat is required to change water from a liquid to a vapor state as in the boiling of water. At reduced atmospheric pressure in a vacuum chamber water boils at a lower than normal temperature.

Product Detail

Advantage of  Vacuum cooler 

(1) Keep the best quality of  turfs.

(2) The cooling time is short, generally about15- 20 minutes. Fast, clean and no pollution. 

(3) Can inhibit or kill botrytis and insects.Small damage on the surface of herbs and turfs can be ‘healed’ or will not continue to expand.

(4) The removed moisture accounts for only 2%-3% of the weight, no local drying and deformation

(5) Even if turfs are harvested in the rain, the moisture on the surface can be removed under vacuum.

(6) Due to pre-cooling, the turfs can keep a longer storage.Also solves the logistical challenge.

Why we use vacuum cooler?

Vacuum cooling can be used on all types of  herbs&turfs which need cold chain management. The right temperature with herbs and turves improving cold chain management during transportation.This process is useful for clients who send their product to destination with a long transit times. Clients also will not have quality claims. 

How to Chose Vacuum Cooler Models?

1.Capacity Ranges: 300kgs/Cycle to 30tons/cycle,means 1palle/cycle up to 24pallets/cycle

2.Vacuum Chamber Room:1500mm width,depth from 1500mm upto12000mm,height from 1500mm to 3500mm.

3.Vacuum Pumps: Leybold/Busch,pumping speed from 200m3/h up to 2000m3/h.

4.Cooling system:Bitzer Piston/Screw working with gas or Glycol Cooling.

5.Door types:Horizontal Sliding Door/Hydraulic Upwards Open/Hydraulic Vertical Lifting 


VACUUM PUMP :Leybold Germany                     

COMPRESSOR:Bitzer Germany

EVAPORATOR: Semcold USA                           

ELECTRICAL: Schneider France

PLC&SCREEN:Siemens Germany                      


COOLING CONTROLS:Danfoss Denmark           


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