Once these words comes to the mind the end user always thinks about the freshness of the product either it is vegetables or herbs .Keeping in mind the consumer and the producer of vegetables and herbs we have designed a product which helps both of them. We have designed a vacuum cooler which helps the producer of vegetables&herbs to keep their product farm fresh and supply the same to the consumers.  

Vegetables or herbs have a limited life,but once you keep them vacuum cooler the life gets extended and one can transport the product to long distance even.Keeping all this in mind we have designed vegetables and herbs vacuum cooler with world class technology and using world class material ,below we give the specification and material used :


Steel used is SUS304, can pass CE certification

Vacuum pump from Leybold Germany

Evaporator from Semcold U.S.A

Compressor from Bitzer,Germany

Electrical from Schneider France

Cooling controls from Danfoss Denmark

PLC and touch screen from Siemens

Vacuum controls from MKS Germany

Temp sensor from Heraeus U.S.A


What’s the principle for vacuum cooler ?

Vacuum cooling is an ideal way to cool specific fresh produce, such as leafy vegetables &flowers and herbs, quickly. A vacuum-cooler can cool produces down from field temperature to about 2°C in 30 minutes. Not only does this guarantee the quality, but it also allows for quick logistic processing and large quantities.


What’s the main feature for vacuum cooler ?

1. Radily Cooling: Cooling flowers&vegetabel from 30°C to 3°C  within 20-30 Minutes

2.Cooling uniform: The core and the surface reach exactly same temperature after cooled

3. Extend Shelf Life: Stay freshness and Nutrition Longer

4. Accurated Control: PLC combine with sensitive sensors&valves

5. Easy Operation Design: Automatic Control work with touch screen

6.Running safety and stablity:  All the inportant parts adopt foreign brand. vacuum pump use Busch/Leybold, copressor use Elmo Rietschle/Bitzer, the refrigerant part use Danfoss/Johnson.

Post time: Nov-16-2020